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MYP Report Comments

Writing reports does not have to be a chore, with a change of focus it can be a wonderful reflection and thinking activity for students. Inviting your student to reflect and have input into their own report comments is a win-win. Here's some questions to ask, to prompt reflection and gather key information to create report comments.

Step One: The Reflective Student Survey

Students - Take a moment to reflect on your progress in class this semester and complete the survey. Your responses will be used to generate your semester report card comment and also, help shape future learning activities in this class.

R1 ~ Rate your progress and performance in Design class this semester.

R2 ~ Identify the project, or component of a project, that you are most proud of in Design Class. Identify the learning activity that you did well in and complete this sentence. When I reflect on my work in Design class this semester, I am most proud of........ because .......

R3 ~ Identify the learning activity where you experience the most learning and growth in Design Class and complete this sentence. When I reflect on my learning and growth in Design class this semester, I made significant progress...

R4 ~ Identify the ATL Skill(s) that you felt you IMPROVED and DEVELOPED this semester, in Design Class.

R5 ~ For greater success in Design Class, identify the ATL Skill(s) that you feel you NEED TO IMPROVE.

R6 ~ DESIGN COURSE -- What suggestions do you have, to make Design learning activities more interesting, engaging, challenging and meet your needs as a learner?

R7 ~ TEACHER -- Considering your Design teacher and rate his performance this semester.

Step Two: Collate Responses and Draft a Report Comment

Convert the data collected from the survey responses into a neat paragraph.

"Jan/Jon made poor/satisfactory/good/very good/excellent progress in Design class this semester. Jan/Jon identified that his/her best work was produced during the XXX project was and he/she was proud of his/her efforts because YYY. Furthermore, Jan/Jon identify that significant learning and growth occurred during the ZZZ project and he/she also developed his/her VVV ATL skills. For greater success in the future, Jan/Jon needs to improve his/her JJJ ATL skills."

Step Three: Share the Report Comment and Edit

Share the report comment with the student and ask them to edit it and make improvements.

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