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Capture the Audience with Storytime

Recording & Editing Sound

Storytelling is an ancient ritual used to pass information to the younger generations, we can enhance the storytelling experience using technology.

Unit title: Capture the audience with storytime
Year: 8
Unit duration: 8 weeks


Problem: There is a need to increase the HJIS G2 students love and enjoyment of reading. 


Design Brief: Your task is to identify and interview your client and discover what their favourite book is and bring the book to life, by creating a podcast.


Design Specifications: The podcast you create must:

  • be engaging

  • be suitable for your client

  • be in a format the student can keep and use and reuse

  • increase your client's love of the book and increase their desire to read more.

Related Concept(s) - Collaboration + Resources

Global Context - identities and relationships

Student Guide and Design Process Journal: Visit here

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