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Design Cycle

IB MYP Design


(A) Inquiring and Analyzing

Designers must explain and justify the need for their project. This is also when designers research, explore existing products, produce an initial sketch and create a design brief, which identifies what materials are needed and what will actually be designed.

(B) Developing Ideas
Designers make design specifications, determine how many materials are required, estimate the time needed and go over details such as color and scale. Additionally, this is when the rudimentary sketch from the previous stage becomes a blueprint with precise measurements.


(C) Creating the Solution 
Designers use technical skills to physically follow the plan to make the solution. Designers shouldn't feel handcuffed by their design and should be open to thinking on the spot. Initial testing occurs during this stage and if obstacles are encountered, changes can be made to optimize and improve the original plan.
(D) Evaluating
Designers employ different testing methods and the success of the solution is judged and any improvements to make the solution are identified. From here, the different stages can be repeated to further develop or advance the solution.


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