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MYP Personal Project Report Requirements

These are the MYP PP specifications for the written report:

  • the written part of the report is clearly legible

  • each page must have 11-point font size (see image 1 below)

  • each page must have 2 cm margins (see images 2 & 3 below)

  • evidence presented in images must be clearly visible

  • bibliography is uploaded separately and is not included in the page limit

  • do not include a title page; if included, it will count towards the page limit

Image 1 above displays 11pt font settings for google docs

Image 2 above displays 2cm converted to 0.7874 inches because 2cm is the MYP Personal Project margin requirements

Image 3 above displays how to set page margins in google docs (click FILE >>> PAGE SET UP >> and type 0.7874 in the margin boxes)

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