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MYP Design Criterion D - How To Get Top Marks

How to get an 8 for Design Criterion D Report

MYP Design Criterion D Check List

i. designs detailed and relevant testing methods, which generate data, to measure the success of the solution

  • Create a test, or a series of tests, and explain the test(s) in great detail

  • Share your actual test (survey, interview questions, measuring instruments and measuring techniques)

  • Explain how, when, why and who will test each and every Design Specification

  • The tests must evaluate the solution against the requirements of the design specification

  • Create an effective and authentic test(s) to measure every aspect of the design specification and present the test

  • Your test(s) should generate qualitative and quantitative data

  • Your test(s) should involve the target audience/client, as well as peers, experts and teachers

ii. critically evaluates the success of the solution against the design specification based on authentic product testing

  • Collect, Collate and Present the results of your test(s) - the raw data

  • Present both qualitative and quantitative data

  • Analyse the raw data and draw conclusions about the success of your product/solution

  • Evaluate the success of the solution/product against the requirements of each design specification

  • Explain the accuracy of the data gathered through your testing

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the solution/product based on the analysis of data collected through objective and subjective testing

iii. explains how the solution could be improved

  • Identify opportunities for further development

  • Explain, in detail, how the identified weaknesses and limitations of the solution could be improved

  • Create annotated sketches, photographs, screenshots &/or diagrams to communicate how the solution could be improved

  • Consider if you had more time, more skills, more finances, better resources, expert help, then what improvement should be made to improve your product/solution

iv. explain the impact of the solution on the client/target audience

  • A section that explains how your product has (or may have) an impact on society (&/or the client/target audience.

  • To identify or predict the impact that a solution will have on a client/ target audience

  • Consider the original problem - to what extend was this solved and explain how has this solution impacted the client/target audience

  • Consider the design brief and explain how your product/solution address the design brief and how this has impacted the client/target audience

  • Explain how your solution improved the client’s or target audience’s situation

  • Explain how your solution had an effect on users, peers and other people involved

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