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The Sleep Time App is excellent!

Sleep Time: Cycle Alarm Timer by Azumio

The Sleep Time App is excellent! Sleep Time provided me insights into my sleep patterns by tracking my movement throughout the night and converting that data in easy-to-read charts. Moreover, the Sleep Time alarms learnt how I slept and wakes you up gradually during your lightest sleep phase and not during deep-sleep stages - so when the alarm woke me up i was ready to wake and felt good about waking up.

Who’s this app for? For anyone that needs to improve their sleep habit and needs to track their sleep patterns (athletes, drivers, night shift workers, military, etc.)

Sleep Time is:

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in United States

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in Japan

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in United Kingdom

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in Australia

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in Germany

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in France

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in China

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in Russia

  • #1 Sleep Analysis app in Canada

The Features I loved:

  • I can set the alarm clock with a single gesture

  • I could fall asleep to soundscapes or white noise

  • The alarm rings even in silent mode

  • I could choose from 20 built in alarms or wake up to your favorite song

  • It provided me with an easy to read, detailed monthly and weekly graphs

  • This is an excellent app and I think everyone should test this to develop a better understanding of their own sleep patterns and for an alarm that provides the best way to wake up.

Download from:

Review by Luke Watson 28th January 2018

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