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Photography Tips for Instagram

To attract attention toward your social media posts and increase your target audience, you need quality photos. Here are some tips about how to take a great photograph.

Photography Tip # 1 Perspective

Experiment with different camera angles when photographing your subject. Experiment with the angles of the light source also. Consider the features that should be the 'star' and what features should be hidden, blurred or in the background.

Photography Tip # 2 Focus and Blur

If you are using autofocus - the camera’s autofocus can either make your picture or ruin it. With your camera get familiar with the focus function and auto-focus be sure to focus on the 'star' feature in your shot.

Photography Tip # 3 Resolution

Choose the highest-resolution and highest quality options when taking photographs. This will be extremely helpful when you move to photo editing, when printing and when you images is zoomed in on-screens.

Photography Tip # 4 Symmetry and Framing

Consider the symmetry of the subject and background before you CLICK. A few centimetres in one direction can upset the image’s symmetry a be the difference between and excellent photo and an average photo. Regarding framing, remember that image is more than the subject so consider the corners and the sides and top and bottom of your frame before you CLICK.

Photography Tip # 4 Background

Evaluate the subject and the background and make sure they work well together. Place your 'star' feature in the foreground and have the background fade to allow the subject to POP. Consider what demands attention, distracts and what add too much noise to the picture and simplify. Try to take a photo that has ONE main feature, not a photos with many items fighting for attention.

Photography Tip # 5 Light

Light is everything in photography so be sure to consider the light source(s) and use them to your advantage. Try having the light... light up your subject. Be wary of too much light, as too much light can ruin a photograph.

Photography Tip # 6 Rule of Thirds + Fibonacci Rule

The Golden Ratio is a common ratio discovered by Leonardo Fibonacci and found throughout nature, architecture, and art. The ratio is believed to make things appealing to the human eye so when you are taking photographs consider 1st the rule of thirds when framing your shot... then push your framing skills further by aiming to frame your shot with the golden ratio.

Photography Tip # 7 Take Risks

Getting better at anything involves getting out of your comfort zone, so when developing your photography skills get out of your comfort zone. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Photography Tip # 8 Experiment

Tilt-shift - encompasses two different types of movements: rotation of the lens relative to the image plane, called tilt, and movement of the lens parallel to the image plane, called shift.

Motion Blur - is frequently used to show a sense of speed.

Macro - is close-up photography of small subjects, including things like bugs and flowers. Marco is takings pictures where your subject is the same size as your camera sensor or smaller, and it fills the frame. (So, if your camera sensor is one inch wide, you would be photographing something 1 inch or smaller.)

HDR - is high dynamic range. HDR is basically just the difference between the lightest light and darkest dark you can capture in a photo.

Bokeh - Bokeh effect is used to visually detach the subject (in-focus) from the background (out of focus) and it comes from the Japanese language and means ”blur.”

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